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Northville I Spy Oral History Interviews

Read and listen to the memories of area residents as they discuss local historic sites. Listed below are links to transcripts of the interviews and short audio excerpts. Cassette tapes of the interviews will be available at the library. (If sound doesn't play, please install RealPlayer)


Hubbell Chimney, Northville, NY
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Speaker: Harry Robert Van Arnam
"It was built, specifically, for the manufacture of gloves, leather gloves. There's no question about it and it was a big, active shop for years. They made many styles and cuts. There was periods when you had all different gloves being made. They did all those different things. But what was interesting - the workers were relatively well-paid. It was a good industry. It was a good business."

Star Theatre, Northville, NY
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Speaker: Norman Barker
Transcript: "It was only open a couple days a week. There was no color pictures. There was no sound. Any conversation and anything was written underneath. So you had to watch somebody say it, and try to see underneath what they were saying, which made it very interesting. And the only back-up, there was, was a lady playing the piano."

Sacandaga Park Dance Hall, Northville, NY
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Speaker: Emma Jean Johnson
Transcript: "On weekends in the 30's, they had the live bands come for the weekend, and it was especially fun when ( I think he thought it was just Saturday nights, but I'm not sure about that) they had dime-a-dance. So you could stay outside and watch, but if you wanted to dance you paid your dime and when in for a dance. And it was mostly the (you guys would call it old-fashion music) the round dancing and the old-fashion music, but it was lots of fun."

Gifford Valley Schoolhouse (District #9), Northville, NY
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Speaker: Gail Cramer
Transcript: "Gifford Valley Schoolhouse School houses as like churches were very often the center of activity. Not only was it a school for learning for youngsters, but it also was used sometimes for weddings, it was used for funerals, used for community meetings. So it was a major center of activity."


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