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The Best House served as home and office to two generations of country doctors over a period of 100 years. Dr. Christopher S. Best was a founder of the Middleburgh Telephone Company in 1897, and served as its president until his death in December 1934. He was the last president of the Middleburgh & Schoharie Railroad.

His son, Dr. Duncan L. Best, joined him in his medical practice in 1932 and continued in his office until 1986. Duncan, who was also very interested in his community, bequeathed the family home to the Middleburgh Library in 1991. It was his wish that the office be preserved and kept open to the public as a medical exhibit.

The house was last occupied as a home in 1982. Duncan's sister, Emma was it's longest occupant. She was born here in 1900 and died in 1982 at the age of 82. She was a very active member of her community; being a member of the Lutheran Church and many other organizations as well as teaching piano lessons in her home. She, as well as the rest of the family, was a great "saver", making it possible for us to see the fashions and life styles over such a long period of time.

All the furnishings are original to the house. It contains a wealth of community history and presents life as it was between 1870 and the 1940s. It truly is a step back in time.

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Grateful acknowledgment is made to Edward A. Hagan for permission to include his photograph as the Best House Historian.


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