Collection on Indian implements
Hartley Case A. Native American Objects.

"The collection of Indian implements, gathered by the late Robert M. Hartley, is typical of material to be found in the Mohawk Valley. It represents the civilization of several different Indian peoples, chief of which were the Mohawks, one of the five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, who held the balance of power between the French and the English in America throughout the pre-Revolutionary period of colonial history.

Most of the specimens shown were found by Mr. Hartley during his explorations of Indian camp and village sites along the Mohawk River and its tributaries.

The sites, occupied by the Mohawks, were of three kinds: The stockade refuges, or "castles," built on easily defended hilltops; a number of small outlying villages, connected to each other by these castles, and scattered camps or hunters' cabins." (excerpted from the "Hartley Collections" the accompanying text to the complete Hartley exhibit).

The Mohawk Indian bow was a gift from the Indians to Peter Putnam. The buckskin quiver is embellished with traditional beadwork and trailing fringes.

The tomahawk, found in the Town of Glen, was grafted together in a way not common to the Mohawk Valley. The arrowheads were recovered at Camp Cayadutta.
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