Exquisite example from the bible of Elizabeth Klock Snell
Fraktur. Bible Case #3B. 25.4 x 20.3cm.

William Murray, born in 1756, painted family records or "frakturs" in New York State from 1785-1822. This exquisite example is from the Bible of Elizabeth Klock Snell. The center heart is for her father Christian Klock who was born March 29, 1776. Further information notes that Christian married Eve Klock on October 23, 1797. The four surrounding hearts are for Christian and Eve's children Elizabeth (July 1, 1798), Nancy (March 14, 1804), Catharine (June 6, 1809) and Permelia (November 7, 1815).

A gaily colored floral and vine motif complete this charming family record.
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