Two Dolls 25 inches and 19 inches
76.45 and 76.46 Two Dolls. 63.5 cm and 48.3 cm

The 19th century saw the importation of fancy dress dolls or "bebes" to the United States from Europe.  Designed by Emille Jumeau of Montreuil, France. The large Bebe Jumeau on the left, has a porcelain head and jointed body.  This type of doll is sometimes called a "long faced Jumeau".  With her delicate peaches and cream complexion, cornflower blue eyes, and golden hair, Bebe Jumeau is a delight.

The smaller doll on the right, is also of French origin.  Unlike Bebe Jumeau's fragile porcelain head, this doll has a wax head.  Her moveable eyes are of blue glass, and her sprightly curls are fashioned from human hair.  This doll's body is of supple kidskin, with gusset type joints at her hips, elbows, and knees.

Both of these dolls are dressed in the height of French fashion.  Bebe Jumeau's outfit is complete from her face-framing bonnet to her delicately crocheted fingerless mitts. Her charming overcoat and matching parasol are pale blue brocade, with the latter lavishly trimmed in French lace.    The smaller doll with her form-fitting bodice and gently cascading bustle, wears the softest of kidskin gloves, and carries a miniature fan.  Her peach silk dress is delicately trimmed in silk ecru fringe.  Both of these wonderful dolls epitomize the term "fancy dress".

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