Zouave Painting
80.269 Zouave painting. 43.2 x 38.1 cm

Joseph Reaney's father, Joseph Sr., was a veteran of the Civil War fighting with the Fifth New York Volunteer Duryee Zouaves.  The Zouaves were known for their Turkish inspired uniforms.  This delicately rendered oil and watercolor painting depicts two children in the traditional Zouave costume.  Tucked away in the library's vault for over 20 years, the painting was "rediscovered" in 1998 and has been rehung for public exhibition as part of the library's extensive Civil War exhibit.

The painting is framed in a gilt gesso and wood frame.  While undocumented, it is thought that perhaps one of the children is the library's benefactor,  J.H. Reaney.

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