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>2007-08 Executive Budget Update


Michael Borges, Executive Director of NYLA, has shared the following information regarding the 2007-08 Executive Budget:

“In addition to continuing the $19.7 million Library Aid increase we received last year ($2.7 million in 2000 Census funding, $3 million for library systems and $14 million in public library construction), the 2007-08 Executive Budget also includes other items of interest to the library community including:

Library Materials Aid – increase of $650,000 to $19.8 million – raising per pupil reimbursement to $6.25 for school libraries to purchase books.

Adult Literacy Education (ALE) – increase of $1 million to $5.32 million for community organizations and libraries to provide adult education services.

School Aid – Increase of $1.4 billion to school districts

SUNY – State General Fund support increased by $143 million
Community Colleges – State General Fund support increased by $20 million
CUNY – State General Fund support increased by $6.3 million

The Executive Budget also includes $50 million for implemenation of a Universal Broadband Initiative which potentially could benefit libraries.

These funding levels provide a positive beginning to our advocacy efforts on behalf of all libraries and we look forward to working with the state Legislature in building upon these investments.”

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