Delivery Service Instructions

Delivery Service

Please direct any questions or concerns about our delivery service to: Sharon O’Brien,, 518-355-2010 ext 229.

Regular deliveries from MVLS to member libraries and branches as well as to Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS), Upper Hudson Library System (UHLS) and Capital District Library Council (CDLC) assures prompt receipt of new materials, interlibrary loan loans and supplemental collections, and SALS/JA for computer support.

The MVLS delivery courier runs Monday through Saturday, except major holidays. Libraries and branches are either on a 5-day or 3-day schedule. See MVLS Delivery Schedule for specific holiday and daily delivery schedule. Please be aware that routes and times are subject to change.

CDLC and UHLS delivery is sent when employees travel to CDLC / UHLS.

Member library responsibilities with Packing and Labeling Requirements, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions are listed below.

Member Library Responsibilities
Place clearly labelled MVLS delivery bins and other authorized items that do not fit in a bin in the same place every day. Follow the MVLS Packing and Labeling Requirements (below). Provide a clear and unobstructed path to the bins inside and outside your library. Do not send fragile items, boxes of book donations or weeded books (unless the destination is the MVLS Discover Books bin), furniture, supplies, or materials that are rare or irreplaceable.

Notify MVLS ahead of time of any lock, key or security system access code changes, or any local disruptions to the delivery service.

Follow the MVLS Delivery Code Instructions for labeling routing slips.

Packing and Labeling Requirements
Please use the following guidelines when preparing materials for delivery.
Clearly label all materials with the destination using the appropriate 3- or 4 letter code on a routing slip, unless the full bin is for one destination. Labels are always taped to the ends of the bins. Be sure to remove old labels from bins.

Bins with items for multiple libraries and branches that need to be sorted should NOT be labeled.
Bins labeled MVLS should contain items only for the MVLS Service Center. If all items are destined for one library or branch, individual items in the bin do not need a routing slip, but make sure that the bin is properly labeled on one end. Bins that are labeled for a specific library are NOT opened for sorting, so ensure everything inside is going to the same place. 

Have all routing slips in the materials facing the same direction. 

Place items flat in the bins. Placing items in the bins vertically causes stress on the books and bindings to break.

Fill the bin leaving space at the top so that the bin may be properly closed.

When sending items to MVLS or SALS libraries, please just use the library code. You do NOT have to put the system abbreviation prefix on the slip.


Items being sent to UHLS libraries should be addressed to UHLS. Label the item with the 4 letter library code. If the item is an ILL item, please add ILL after the four letter code, IE: ALTM-ILL, and placed in a green zippered bag labeled UHLS.

When sending items to the Capital District Library Council (CDLC), and or its institutions (NOT including UHLS libraries), place items for these libraries/institutions in a green zippered bag, label the outside of the bag CDLC, and label the item inside the bag with the destination library’s code(s), followed by ILL if appropriate.

  • Ex: You are returning an ILL item that was borrowed by your patron to Siena College. This label (VKM-ILL) goes inside the book, and the book is placed in a zippered bag labeled CDLC.
  • Ex: A book from Albany High School was returned by mistake to your library. This label (CRB – Albany High School) goes inside the book, and the book is placed in a zippered bag labeled CDLC.  

When sending computers to Joint Automation at SALS for repair or disposal, clearly label the item SALS-JA, and put in a box if available (computers for disposal do not need to be boxed). Send an e-mail to with the date the computer was shipped for repair, the computer number (ex: AMS 105) and a description of the problem. Computer Support will notify you by e-mail when they ship it back.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: To whom are the drivers responsible?
A: The drivers are responsible to Arnoff Global Logistics, but interact with MVLS personnel daily.  Management of the delivery service is by the Mohawk Valley Library System. Empire Library Delivery (ELD) is responsible to CDLC personnel and managed by CDLC.

Q: How do I report delivery problems? What if an item is lost or damaged?
A: Inform MVLS as soon as possible. As the agencies contracting with Arnoff Global Logistics, we will work with them to solve the problem. Arnoff Global Logistics carries insurance for lost and damaged items.

Q: What should I do if my delivery doesn’t arrive?
A: Inform your system contact.

Q: How will deliveries be made on days the library is not open?
A: Member libraries who want delivery when they are closed have provided MVLS with keys and security system access codes. MVLS provides your current key and/or entry code to Arnoff Global Logistics to ensure daily delivery if the library is closed. If you change your locks or security system access codes, make sure you:
• Let your system know so that we can inform Arnoff Global Logistics.
• Give the new information/key to your system contact people.

Q: How do I suspend or change delivery services because our library will be closed due to construction or an emergency?
A: Call or email your system contact people as soon as possible before closing, or immediately in the event of an emergency.

Q: What if I need additional empty delivery bins or zipper bags?
A: You may leave a note for your driver and if they have bins or bags in the van that day, they will leave you some. If not, they will bring them the following day. You can also ask Sharon to leave a note here at MVLS for the drivers.

Q: What will happen to an item that loses its delivery label?
A: MVLS checks Polaris for the destination library, and sends the item on or returns it to the owning library.

Q: Is there any special procedure for sending DVDs and other problematic materials through the delivery?
A: DVDs and other problematic materials may be placed in zipper bags clearly marked with the library destination code. DVDs and CDs do not HAVE to be placed in zipper bags, although if cases are in disrepair it is safer to place in the zippered bags.

Q: May we send cleaning or other supplies through the MVLS Delivery Courier?
A: Only supplies purchased through MVLS may be sent through the MVLS Delivery Courier.

Q: May we send donated or weeded items through the MVLS Delivery Courier?
A: Donated or weeded items sent through the MVLS Delivery Courier must be destined for the MVLS Service Center for recycling in the Discover Books Bin. Libraries are limited to sending 1 bin of donations or weeded items per week. If you have higher volume, ask Sharon about how to proceed before sending materials.

Q: May we send money through the delivery?
A: We recommend not sending any cash through the delivery. Checks sent should be placed in zippered bags addressed to the destination library or MVLS Service Center.

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