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MVLS has a variety of technology equipment available for loan to member libraries.  Equipment includes a laptop lab, LCD projector, projection screen, and tablet PC for use with Polaris’ Inventory Manager software.

The MVLS Laptop Lab is available for loan to member libraries for hands-on computer training, programs, or staff use.  The equipment may be used in the library or at another location for a library-sponsored program, or for staff use as authorized by library director.

The lab consists of eight laptop computers, and accessories. The computers can connect wirelessly to the Internet, or may be used without connections for learning Windows or Microsoft Office 2007.

Loan period: Up to 14 days’ use; may be extendable; subject to recall for MVLS staff use.

Delivery: May be placed in delivery using designated large canvas bags.

Internet connection: Laptops may be connected to your library’s wireless network. If the signal is not strong enough, the lab’s router will connect to a cable drop in your library. An individual laptop should be able to connect to your library’s network using a cable (included).

Software: Windows 7; Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher), MS Internet Explorer.  No additional software may be installed by library staff or users.

User files: No files can be saved to the hard disk or printed; users may save files to a flash drive, or may email files for use at another computer. Settings changes may be made but are not saved.

Mitsubishi XL5V LCD projector, which may be used with one of the laptops or with another computer.

Projection screen

HP ElitePad 1000 Tablet PC –  Using a wireless tablet PC and Polaris Inventory Manager Software, you can go to the shelves to take an inventory of items. Taking an inventory will improve the accuracy of our catalog and can help you weed your collections. This tablet runs Windows 8 as its operating system.

Loan period: Up to 30 days’ use; may be extendable.

Delivery: May be placed in delivery using padded delivery tote.

Internet connection: Wireless access is required to use the PIM software.  You can load a set of items from anywhere in your library so a separate router should not be required.

Who may borrow equipment:  MVLS member libraries and SCPL branches

How to borrow: You can check for availability at our booking calendar.

Print and send equipment booking request/user agreement form signed by the library director to MVLS by fax or delivery.

User responsibility for all equipment loans:  The library director must sign and return the equipment booking request/user agreement form. The borrowing library is expected to provide security and prevent loss, misuse or abuse of the equipment. Damage or loss will be charged to the borrowing library (excepting acts of God).

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