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The AARP Community Challenge provides small grants to fund quick-action projects that can help communities become more livable for people of all ages. In 2024, the AARP Community Challenge will be accepting applications for three different grant opportunities.

1. Flagship Grants range from several hundred dollars for smaller, short-term activities to tens of thousands of dollars for larger projects, with an average amount of $11,900. Project ideas include:

  • Create vibrant public places that improve open spaces, parks and access to other amenities
  • Deliver a range of transportation and mobility options that increase connectivity, walkability, bikeability, and access to public and private transit
  • Support housing options that increase the availability of accessible and affordable choices
  • Increase digital connections by expanding high-speed internet and enhancing the digital literacy skills of residents
  • Support community resilience through investments that improve disaster management, preparedness and mitigation for residents
  • Improve community health and economic empowerment in support of financial well-being and improved health outcomes

2. Capacity-Building Microgrants of $2,500 may be combined with additional AARP resources, such as webinars, publications, cohort learning opportunities, and/or up to two hours of one-on-one coaching with leading national organizations to benefit residents (especially those age 50 or older) in the following categories:

  • NEW! Bike Audits: Implement bike audit assessments to enhance safety and bikeability in communities
  • NEW! HomeFit® Modifications: Implement education, simple home modifications and/or easy home safety and accessibility solutions to make “lifelong homes”
  • Walk Audits: Implement walk audit assessments to enhance safety and walkability in communities

3. Demonstration Grants support efforts that encourage the replication of promising local efforts that benefit residents (especially those age 50 and older) by:

  • NEW! Enhancing digital connectivity to prepare and respond to disasters for residents
  • NEW! Facilitating equitable engagement to reconnect communities that have been divided by infrastructure 
  • Implementing housing choice design competitions that increase community understanding of the benefits of a variety of housing options 

For more information and to apply, visit the website: