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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



clue 1
Paper bags for sugar you can see,
Were made in this factory.

clue 3
Near the Old Erie,
Stands a school quite clearly.

clue 5
Atop this school I can see,
An old bird and a bell near a tree.

clue 7
The shape of this building is quite unique,
With a triangle below its peak.

clue 9
Food for babies,
Is made here daily.

clue 11
Letters in and Letters out,
Keeping in touch is what I am about.

clue 13
Other things this building used to be,
But now it is an apothecary

clue 15
From here horses went to fires.
Now patients go to doctors.


clue 2
There are many folks who dwell,
In this house found on East Hill.

clue 4
On the steps of the old academy,
A stone school stands proudly.

clue 6
By the dummy light you can see,
The first bank in Canajoharie.

clue 8
From A to Z and back again,
Books and paintings wait within.

clue 10
A home of stone I used to be,
One of the oldest in Canajoharie.

clue 12
This is the only church on Church Street.
That fact is quite neat.

clue 14
In a town named long ago,
Stands a church of stone.

site 16
Hymns in German were sung here,
For those both far and near.


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