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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



Site 1
It used to be a high school,
but take a closer look,
It's still a house of learning,
when you check out a book!

site 3
I am a three story building, built in 1874.
The famous Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech at my door.

site 5
A torch burns rain or shine,
on a spot that's seen its share of time.
Standing here, for 200 years,
with a pair of horns on its sign.

site 7
It started out as a farming school,
with four buildings on a hill.
People come from miles around
to learn many useful skills.

site 9
Money's our business, big or small,
you'll find the eagle on the outside wall.

site 11
"Whistle while you work" they sang
as they traveled up the hills.
Many, many people came to work
inside the various mills.
Where's this one?


site 2
This steeple can be seen from miles away,
and marks a place where people can pray.

site 4
This is a place where passengers would wait,
before the days of I-88.
All Aboard!

site 6
The people gather, the cows moo,
and the pigs squeal.
Come for cotton candy,
and a ride on the ferris wheel!

site 8
First they came to study,
then they danced, then circled 'round.
But now the place is silent,
only a ghost to make a sound.

site 10
To find this place you must look high,
and search for the arrow spinning in the sky.
Which way the wind blows is one of our clues,
if you are stuck, look for the stained glass, too.





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