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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



Johnstown Clue 1
In 1798 this Inn was erected.
Today its fine dining by many respected.

Johnstown Clue 3
A two story structure in the center on Main. This building is the Mayor's domain.

Johnstown Clue 5
It's made of brick and sits on a corner.
A bank it is now, Cady Stanton's birthplace it was former.

Johnstown Clue 7
Windows of stained glass, a steeple so tall. A bell rings loudly welcoming all.

Johnstown Clue 9
It once was a tavern for travelers to stay.
A meeting house for the D. A. R. is how it is used today.

Johnstown Clue 11
A Church for worship and people are married. On this site Sir William is buried.

Johnstown Clue 13
It once was the home of Johnstown's first teacher.
On William and Green Street, its yellow paint is a feature.


Johnstown Clue 2
This building was once an inn for all.
It's being changed today to be as pretty as City Hall.

Johnstown Clue 4
Groceries were sold here until 1904.
Since then a pharmacist has had his name over the door.

Johnstown Clue 6
It's a place you can read books, it holds quite a few. With Carnegie money it was built in 1902.

Johnstown Clue 8
It was once a jail and it sits on a hill.
Now it holds offices, but the cannon's there still.

Johnstown Clue 10
The outside's made of red brick.
Inside, the judges' rulings stick.

Johnstown Clue 12
People lie here both young and old.
Many famous ones, if truth be told.

Johhnstown Clue 14
This estate was begun in 1758 and is open to this date. Named after the founder of our town. He may have been loyal, but didn't wear a crown.

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