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Fulton County Courthouse, Johnstown, NY
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Interview with: Mr. Noel Levee, Johnstown City Historian
Interviewed by:
Ryan Callery, Cassie Cirillo, Justine Case, Christopher Lavigne, Jennifer Jurica and Deb Callery
Interview date: April 24, 2001

Transcript of audio excerpt:

 I Spy Interview Team

Noel Levee: Just like the (Fulton County) jail, the courthouse was built in 1772. I believe it was probably completed, the way the books read, it was probably completed sooner than the jail was. Although the first trial that was held in there, the building was still being worked on even though they held court there.

Of course, it goes back to the same idea, we split from Albany County, we became Tryon County. (Sir William) Johnson footed the money for the courthouse and the jail.

The brick, an old rumor was the brick had come from Holland, that used to be an old thing that a lot of people's houses in Albany, Schenectady and Saratoga imported brick from Holland to be shipped over I the bottom of boats. Supposedly, they don't think this is true. Because there was already a brickmaker by the name of Quackenbush right here in town and he had a brick foundry and the brick came from there. That would make more sense to have somebody make brick locally. The structure was built, of course, and it didn't have all the back buildings that you see on it now. I'm not even sure how gaudy the tower part and the top part were.

Deb Callery: That's not original?

Noel Levee: I don't know, although they did have the chime there, the bell. But there was no porch, no front porch onto it. And that was a low court when we were English.

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