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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



clue 3
It wasn't built very easy. Now the Halloween decorations make you queasy.

Standing in the building, all cozy and warm. Away from the train tracks and thundering storm.

clue 5
People used to come here to learn new things. Now it is used to hold historical things.

This is where people swayed to the beat. While moving their feet.

clue 9
It once housed visiting guests. Near the Red Barn it does rest.

clue 11
On the edge of town, upon a hill. This house looks down upon Northville.


Now that what's left of the factory is done. The swifts fly down the remains, one by one

A lumberman built this house long ago. Along a river that flows down below.

The seats are all empty, the candy case too. Now we wonder, what happened to you?

Some used to come through here for vacation and fun. Now it is closed to most everyone.

At this old shop, they used to shoe horses. They closed the place down, but you can take art courses.

People went there to stay for the night. Now the doctor helps people who don't feel right.


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