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  Quaker Street Duanesburg I Spy  
  Quaker Street Duanesburg I Spy  

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North Mansion, Duanesburg, NY
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Interview Transcript: audio excerpts in italics

Speaker:: David Vincent

Background: Current owner and historian

We've been on a quest for a piece of the house, the mantle from the living room, the largest room in the house, the fireplace mantle. We know from the one that's here it dates to, was installed by the Jocelyn family who lived here from 1950 to the middle of the 1960's, and we wonder, "Where did that original mantle go?" One of the history books of Schenectady County indicates that the granddaughter of William North, Mary Weston, when the house was sold from their family in 1862 had taken it to Newport, Rhode Island. So we went off to Newport looking for it. Didn't find any reference to the family name there at all.

Later, reading another history of James Duane, there was an indication that Mary Weston had a portrait of his and that she lived in Augusta, Maine. So the next summer we went off to Augusta, Maine looking for Mary Weston and her husband Daniel Cony Weston. When we were in Augusta we didn't find anything in Augusta about them other than a book that indicated that Reverend Daniel Cony Weston had lived in Stratford, Connecticut and Stonington, Connecticut and we were looking for the time period 1862, that's the time period that the original house mantle was removed.

So we went the next summer off to Stratford, Connecticut. We didn't find anything of great value there but we did find a great deal of information about the Westons in Stonington, Connecticut. But we found out that the Weston's lived in a church, in a house that the church owned so we figured that the mantle must have been installed in a house that was owned by the person that removed it. And so we weren't sure where to go from that point. We were very, very disappointed.

Later, reading another book of Schenectady County this particular history book indicated that it wasn't Mary Weston who had taken the mantle but it was her sister who lived in Stratford, Connecticut. So we hope to go to Stratford, Connecticut someday and find the house that Mary Weston's sister, whose last name is North, must have built in Stratford, Connecticut and we hope to find the mantle still there. And we would love to get a picture of it and maybe even take measurements of it and have a replica made so that we can install the replica in our house. We'd love to have the original but we don't believe we would be able to acquire that.



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