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  Quaker Street Duanesburg I Spy  
  Quaker Street Duanesburg I Spy  

MVLS I Spy Oral History Interviews

Christ Episcopal Church, Duanesburg, NY
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Speaker:: Barton MacDougall


There was a famous poet named James Russell Lowell. And his brother I believe was a Doctor Lowell who was the preacher, the minister, who we call the priest. And he visited once in a while his brother and I believe it was Doctor Lowell's daughter, Amy, who was riding to church and was thrown out of the carriage. The horse was bolting, being surprised by perhaps an animal or some obstruction in the road, was thrown out, and she fell, and broke her neck, and died instantly and she's buried in the little churchyard, the little cemetery behind the church. And James Russell Lowell I believe, I'm not exactly certain of this, but there was either his daughter or a niece that was named Amy Lowell, who became a poet in her own right, and I always thought that perhaps they named her for the brother's daughter Amy who had died at our own church.



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