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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



Scotia Site 2
On different rocks big and tall,
Indians made their final fall.

Scotia  Site 10
There is a legend that they say,
one threw his hatchet the other's way.
It missed its mark and the rail it grazed.

Scotia site 5
Because of their broomcorn,
an industry was born.

Scotia Site 11
These strong pipes as they lay,
helped support the traffic that crossed their way.

Scotia Site 8
To get right with the Lord,
first go through these doors.

Scotia Site 12
She had plans to fly around the world.
But it didn't work and she was one lost girl.




Scotia Site 4
Many people came to dig this site,
looking for artifacts day and night.

Scotia Site  9
Many people crossed the floor,
over the ages, through the door.

Scotia site 3
People came to eat and stay.
And this bright lantern showed their way.

Scotia site 1
Many Potters came here to mark their names.
And others came and did the same.

Scotia  Site 7
You could get in for really cheap.
Back then they had prices you couldn't beat.

Scotia Site 6
She painted a mural using many historic facts and proudly signed her name in black.


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