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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



ssp clue 1
There are reading, writing, plays and sports, the kids who go there do all sorts.

ssp clue 3
If you like the colors red, white and blue, this patriotic resting place would be perfect for you.

ssp clue 5
In my name the beauty shows, because included, is a rose.

ssp clue 7
Go to this place with a name like a Queen,
if you want to become healthy and clean.

aap clue 9
If you can tolerate the smell, the water in this may make you well.

ssp clue 11
I'm a large one, they built me last.
To book a room, you'd better be fast.

ssp clue 13
When you sit on one side of the curtain to pray, the Star of David will light the way.


ssp clue 2
This place looks like the home of a king,
but this tower should have a familiar ring.

ssp clue 4
To buy tools to fix it all, customers long ago looked under the opera hall.

ssp clue 6
While selling food and clothes, it reached its peak. But now this brick built store sells antiques.

ssp clue 8
After they ring the cast iron bell, we'll sit in our seats and have show and tell.

ssp clue 10
If once you needed a healthy cure, these medicinal waters would work for sure.

ssp clue 12
It was named for our nation's first President. It now holds lots of residents.

ssp clue 14
A quiet place to pray awhile,
beneath this roof of Gothic style.


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