Edward A. Hagan
Live Photo, taken at the Best House 11:00am, May 23, 2000. His books are in Section IX, History Room, Middleburgh Library.

Edward A. Hagan is a local author known for his meticulous research of the subjects about which he writes. He is shown here with his book Pride of the Valley, which details the history of railroading in the Schoharie Valley. Students from Middleburgh Central School, under his guidance, created a scale model of the M & S Railroad Terminal, which was located in Middleburgh. That model is now displayed at the Best House, an adjunct of the Middleburgh Library. Also, he and his wife were largely responsible for the establishment of the Railroad Museum at the Depot Lane Complex in Schoharie. Mr. Hagan is the author of An Alarm of Fire (fire fighting in Middleburgh), Hot Whiskey for Five (Schoharie County and the Civil War) and War in Schohary: 1777-1783 (Revolutionary War). Mr. Hagan is currently completing research in preparation for a book on the life of Schoharie County farmer-governor, William C. Bouck. Mr. Hagan is an active member of the Schoharie County Historical Society where he serves as editor of the semiannual Review. He is also a member of the Middleburgh Library Board; has a keen interest in the construction of a new library building, which is anticipated in the near future, and has used is artistic skills to build a scale model of the proposed library which is a fine promotional display.
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Grateful acknowledgment is made to Edward A. Hagan for permission to include his photograph as the Best House Historian.
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