History of Schoharie County and Border Wars
Section IX #7  Illustration "Hendrick, Great Chief of the Mohawk Nation" from page 123 of Simm’s History of Schoharie County and Border Wars

Jeptha Simm’s History of  Schoharie County and Border Wars, 1845, is considered a primary source of early Schoharie County history.  It predates Roscoe’s History of Schoharie County.  There is a framed exhibit of six preparatory drawings used in Simm’s History.  We also have his Frontiersman of New York, and his The Border Wars of Pennsylvania.  There is an entire section dealing with the Revolutionary War.  Often used in genealogical research are Lossing’s Field Book of the Revolution, Pension Applications for Revolutionary Soldiers, Schoharie County and Military Records of Schoharie County Veterans of Four Wars.
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Copyright permission granted by Schoharie County Council Senior Citizens to reprint. p.123 of J.R. Simms History of Schoharie County and the Border Wars, 1974.

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