Quaker Street-Duanesburg Branch Library Property Indenture
Indenture. Quaker Street-Duanesburg Branch Library Property Indenture, August 24, 1787. 35 x 53 cm.

Original property transfer from James Duane, founder of Duanesburg, to Caleb Clark and Joseph Wrathburn. This land includes the current location of the Quaker Street-Duanesburg Branch of the Schenectady County Public Library, where the document is now displayed. James Duane was a lawyer, judge, member of Congress and mayor of New York City. He inherited or purchased nearly sixty thousand acres and in 1765 contracted with about twenty German families from Pennsylvania to settle in the area which would in 1788 become the town of Duanesburg.

The farm and land described was purchased by the Robert Liddle family, located in the Maguire School District, off Route 20, first farm on the left. The last member to own this farm was Robert James Liddle (10/27/1836 - 10/25/1916), third generation.

This document was presented to Robert B. Shafer (Delaware, NJ) by his aunt, Lina Mae Liddle, daughter of Robert James Liddle, April 17, 1944. It was presented to the Duanesburg Historical Society by Charlotte Shafer, Robert's wife, on May 18, 1987.

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