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MVLS Services

  • Resource sharing including cooperative purchasing, interlibrary loan and delivery
  • An integrated library computer system with full network and workstation support
  • Specialized services to specific groups including adult literacy and TASC students, people with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged and those institutionalized
  • Early literacy, family literacy, children's and teen services
  • Programs for adult learners including reading, job seeking and digital literacy skills
  • Expertise, vision and innovation offered through Continuation Education and Consultation
  • Networking, information exchange and collaboration among libraries and with other agencies
  • Promotion of library services in the wider community

MVLS Impact Statement

The Mohawk Valley Library System saves taxpayer's money by delivering services, vision and expertise to public libraries and communities in the Mohawk Valley.  MVLS services allow member public libraries to meet the needs of over 100,000 active library users, providing free education, low-cost recreation and economic development in our four county service area.  Community members visited their public libraries 420,000 times in 2021, borrowing more than 779,000 library items.  Over 105,000 computer sessions were facilitated and over 17,000 attended classes and events.  These library activities promote community engagement, foster civic responsibility and enhance overall quality of life in our communities.

MVLS engenders efficiency and collaboration in public libraries by providing opportunities for libraries to share resources, provide services and innovate with technology.  Virtually all books and other library materials are shared among libraries in the four counties through the system's integrated computer system and delivery service.  In 2021 more than 175,000 items were accessed through this collaborative service.  All 14 libraries participate in the shared computer services which provide network security and administration, full computer support and cooperative purchasing. More than 500 library leaders attended MVLS continuing education sessions, and more than 22,000 consultation contacts provided libraries with expertise in meeting service, administrative and technology challenges.  This menu of services saves member libraries more than $500,000 each year, and provides the public with a degree and quality of library service that would not be possible without this collaboration.

For further information regarding System Services, contact MVLS at, or 518-355-2010