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Picture Book City is a collection of picture books arranged into neighborhoods by subject.  Allowing your child to find books he or she is interested in helps to develop your child’s pre-literacy skills.

Our eleven picture book neighborhoods are:

All About Me (Light Blue) – Books with light blue labels share a child’s experience of the world. Topics include going to school, losing a tooth, new siblings, and other situations children face.

Animals (Light Green) – Books with light green labels share stories about animals, and dinosaurs.

Build, Drive, Ride (Blue) – Books with blue labels include books about building and things that go: trains, trucks, cars, airplanes and construction equipment.

Concepts (Orange) – Books with orange labels share stories designed to introduce young children to basic ideas: ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, time, and opposites.

Favorites (Yellow) – Books with yellow labels include popular series, great read-alouds, staff picks, award winners, and classic picture book authors and illustrators.

Folk & Fairy Tales (Purple) – Books with purple labels introduce young children to folk and fairy tales. Magic pumpkins, giant beanstalks and mischievous creatures abound!

Celebrations (Red) – Books with red labels share stories of birthdays, and other celebrations in our lives.

Science & Nature (Green) – Books with green labels share stories about science, plants and the earth, weather, and space in our natural world.

Pink (Pink) – Books with pink labels share stories of princesses, fairies, dancing, and the color pink.

Rhymes & Songs (Dark Orange) – Books with copper labels are stories you can read and sing, like Mother Goose, nursery rhymes and classic folk songs.

Stories (Light Purple) – Books with light purple labels tell great stories about real kids, pirates, and other topics that don’t fit in another neighborhood.


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