Shape Cutting Dies and Equipment


A  Crown  size: 12 1/4″W x 5 7/16″H
A  Mask – Unicorn size: 7 1/2″W x 7 1/16″H (Assembled), Horn 1 7/16″W x 4″H    (Paper size is 14 ¾” by 9” or larger)
A  Snowflakes #2 (mini)
Snowflake #4 (small)

Die Cutting Machines
MVLS has two Ellison Die Cutting Machines that will cut multiple copies and can be used with various paper/card stock.

The Letter Size Ellison Machine is available for loan to your library for a two week period. All dies but extra large can fit in the letter machine, and paper needs to be cut to fit in the machine.

The Extra Large Size Ellison Machine can be used at MVLS at our Ellison Die Cutting Center. Call us, and bring your paper to make copies. Or, send us paper (up to 100 sheets) and we’ll cut your shapes for you. 8 ½’ by 11” paper will fit in the machine.

To get a sense of the machines and possible project ideas, go to Ellison’s Creative Ideas Site and to AccuCut’s Education Idea Site.

Note: AccuCut dies will work on our Ellison machines.

Call MVLS to borrow the machine, dies or to request copies.

Shape Cutting Dies
Die shapes listed below are available from MVLS.

Visit the  Ellison’s Creative Ideas Site or  AccuCut’s Education Idea Site for  a picture/description of that shape.

Small dies work in all sized Ellison machines. Small shape cut-outs measure approximately 3”.

Large dies work in all sized Ellison machines. Large shape cut-outs measure approximately 5”.

Extra-large dies can only be used in Ellison’s XL Letter Machine. Extra-large shape cut-outs measure approximately 8” – 10”.

Die Shapes:  A = AccuCut     E = Ellison

A    Airplane #2 (large)
A    Ants  (jumbo)
A    Apple #1 (large)
A    Apples (mini)
E    Award 1#B (large)
A   Award Ribbon #4 (large)
A   Badge #1 (large)
A   Balloon #1 (large)
A   Bat #1 (jumbo)
A   Beaver (large)
E    Beach Ball (large)
A   Bee #1 (large)
A   Bird #7 (large)
E   Birthday Cake (large)
E   Bone – Dog (large)
  Bone (large)
E   Boomerang (custom, extra-large) Three pronged shape for flying.
E   Book, Open (large) – 5 7/8″ x 4 7/8″ x 1″
E   Book, Open (extra large) – 11 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 1″
A   Border – Stars #2
A   Butterfly #5 (large)
A   Button 4 (custom, large) Circle die with two holes; used to make spinners.
E   Camera, Photo (large)
A   Car – Antique #2 (large)
A   Carrot (small)
A   Caterpillar (large)
A   Chain Banner (jumbo)
A   Chick #1 (large)
A   Crab #1 (large)
E   Crayon (large)
A   Dog – Puppy #2 (large)
A   Dragonfly (large)
A   Family Set (large) Man, woman, boy, girl, baby.
A   Fish, Beta (large)
A   Fish #1 (large)
A   Fish #2 (jumbo)
A   Flag #1 (large)
A   Flower – Daisy #2 (large)
A   Flower #4 (large)
E   Footprints, Tiny (large) (4 one inch footprints)
E   Footprint #1
E   Frog #2 (large)
A   Frog #5 (large)
A   Game Board #1 (super jumbo)
E   Gingerbread Man (large)
A   Grasshopper (large)
A   Groundhog (large)
E   Hammer (large)
A   Hamster (large)
E   Hand (large)
A   Heart #6 (large)
A   Holly  #2(large)
E   Horseshoe (small)
A   Hot Air Balloon (large)
A   Ice Pop #1 (large)
A   Insects (mini) (large)
A   Itty Bitty Apples (small)
A   Key – Skeleton (large)
A   Kite #1 (large)
E   Kite (large)
A   Kitten #2 (large)
A   Ladybug #2 (large)
A   Leaf, Maple #1 (large)
E   Light Bulb (small)
A   Lightning Bolt (large)
A   Magnifying Glass (large)
A   Mitten #1 (large)
A   Moon #3 (jumbo)
A   Motorcycle (large)
E   Mouse (small)
A   Moustache (large)
A  Octopus #1 (large)
E   Pail & Shovel (large)
A   Palette (small)
A   Parakeet (large)
A   Paw Print Mascot #1 (large)
A   Pencil Creature #2 (long cut)
E   Pliers (large)
A   Potato (small)
A   Pumpkin #1 (large)
E   Puzzle #1 (large)
A   Puzzle #3 (jumbo)
E   Puzzle #4 Set (Extra-large)
A   Puzzle #5 (jumbo)
A   Puzzle #12 (long cut)
A   Rocket (large)
A   Rocket & Robot (large)
A   Sailboat #1 (large)
E   Saw (large)
E   Schoolhouse #1 (large)
E   Screwdriver (large)
A   Seahorse (large)
A   Shark #2 (large)
A   Shell #1
A   Shoe Lacing (large)
A   Snowflakes #2 (mini)
A   Snowflake #4 (small)
A   Spider #4 (long cut)
A   Spiderweb (large)
E   Spiral (large)
E   Star #1B (large)
A   Star (3-D  jumbo)
A   Super Hero Emblem #1 (large)
E   Teddy Bear #1C (large)
A   Tree #3 (large)
A   Turkey #1 (large)
A   Vegetables (mini)
A   Whale #2 (large)
A   Worm (large)
E   Wrench (large)


E   Bookmark – Plain 2
E   Bookmark, Bird
E   Bookmark, Bookworm
A   Bookmark, Butterfly
E   Bookmark, Cat
E   Bookmark, Dinosaur
A   Bookmark, Dragon
E   Bookmark, Heart
E   Bookmark, Mouse
E   Bookmark, Pencil
E   Bookmark, Teddy Bear

Book Dies:

A   Book – Hat – (jumbo) (2-Die Set)
A   Book – Star – (large) (2-Die Set)

Finger Puppets:

A   Frog (large)

Masks and Visors

A   Crown  size: 12 1/4″W x 5 7/16″H
   Mask #2
A   Mask #3
A   Mask #3 Accessories #2
A   Mask #3 Accessories #3
A   Mask Unicorn size: 7 1/2″W x 7 1/16″H (Assembled), Horn 1 7/16″W x 4″H    (Paper size is 14 ¾” by 9” or larger)
   Visor #1 Acrylic
A   Visor #2

Math Dies:

E   Circles 3” & 2”
E   Circles 4” & 1”
E   Cone 3D (large)
E   Cube 3D (large)
E   Cylinder 3D (large)
E   Hexagon (small)
E   Hexagon 12 cm sides (extra-large)
E   Kite/tetrahedron (extra-large)
Instructions for Kite
E   Oval (large)
E   Parallelogram/Trapezoid 12 cm sides (extra-large)
E   Pyramid 3-D #1, Square Base (large)
E   Rectangle (large)
E   Rhombus (large)
E   Rhombus/Triangle/Square 12 cm sides (extra-large)
E   Spiral (large)
E   Square 4”
E   Tangram, 5 piece (large)
E   Trapezoid (large)
E   Triangle (large)

Musical Shapes:

A   Bass Clef (large)
A   Clarinet (large)
A   Drum w/ Stick (large)
A   Guitar (large)
A   Guitar, Electric (large)
A   Handbell (large)
A   Maraca (large)
A   Music Note (large)
A   Piano (large)
A   Saxophone (large)
A   Tambourine (large)
A   Treble Clef (large)
A   Trombone (large)
A   Trumpet (large)
A   Tuba (large)
A   Violin & Bow (large)
A   Xylophone (large)

Picture Frames:

E   Picture Frame – Apple (large)
E   Picture Frame – Award
E   Picture Frame – Balloon
E   Picture Frame – Star (large)
A   Frame – Wavy (small)


E   Puppet, Cow (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Duck (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Elephant (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Lion (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Panda (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Pig (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Rabbit (extra-large)
E   Puppet, Tiger (extra-large)

Specialty Items:

E   Bag #1 (extra-large)
A   Bank (jumbo)
A   Box – Apple (3D) ( J )
A   Box Take Out ( J )
A   Door Hanger #1 Acrylic
E   Door Hanger — Paw Print DC
A   Envelope #1 (super jumbo)
A   Fold-Up Pocket – (jumbo) (familiarly known as a cootie catcher!)
A   Folder – Slash (jumbo)
  Plate Buddy – Crab (jumbo)

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