Kinetic Sticks





Purpose:      This activity demonstrated the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy. Craft sticks are weaved into different patterns, with potential energy building up via the tension in the sticks. When one end of the sticks is released, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, flinging the sticks upward and outward in a chain reaction.

Materials: Jumbo craft stick/tongue depressors. The more the merrier. Different colored sticks adds an artistic and creative flair to the activity. Safety Goggles – 10 ct Designed to fit over eyeglasses. Vented to prevent fogging. Flexible vinyl. Adjustable strap.

Safety:          The chain reactions can be a bit vigorous. Safety glasses recommended for those close to the action!


Kinetic Sticks – Cobra Weave with step by step instructions.  Feel free to send home 12 sticks with each child from the bin. 

Additional Resources:   

There are many different chain-reaction patterns that can be created using craft sticks. Search online for “popsicle stick chain reactions” to find a wide range of videos and instructions.

Or, try these links:

Google Stick Bombs


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