MakeDo Kit







This is a kit of components.

It contains:

  • 12 Safe-Saws
  • 12 Scrudrivers
  • 252 Scrus
  • 84 Scrus XL
  • A binder of ideas and further resources

We have put all this together so that you can create a program for as many as 36 kids (3 sharing a tool set).

make do worker bees






makedo crocodile





Tip: Use the point end of the saw to score cardboard and then break it and to punch the hole in the cardboard to connect.

  • Find MakeDo parts and found materials
  • Create just about anything by connecting stuff together with MakeDo
  • Play, because interaction breathes life into your creation
  • Inspire and get inspired in our online creation galleries
  • MakeDo is a set of connectors for creating things from the stuff around you. Make amazing creations using MakeDo and recycled materials.

The designing stage of creation takes time. Allow plenty of time for your Makedo program. Consider encouraging participants to research/think about design before the program, so that they can use the time for building. Or make it a program series: one night to get everyone started, then three more nights just for building that are optional. You will need to have a place to store the creations-in-progress, though!

Helpful hints for using MakeDo:

Amazing ideas for things to make:

makedo dog





croc final






Cardboard creations:

Makedo is a great family program, and may be a nice opportunity for a father (or grandfather) – son or father-daughter program.

What’s not here:

The actual building materials: cardboard, primarily – of all shapes and sizes. We’ve listed some ideas below about where you might get it for free. You will see creations in the photos (links below) where plastic is used. Do consider that cut plastic creates sharp edges, and think about the availability of adult helpers before deciding to use plastic.

Really important: The creations your folks make are temporary – because we need the Scrus and Connectors back to send on to the next library! So when you return the kit, the creations must be disassembled and the parts returned.

However, you may purchase supplies from Makedo to use in your program. A kit including 1 Safe saw, a Scrudriver, 25 Scrus and 3 Connectors is $12.50. Find it here:

Returning the kit to MVLS

Please try to return all the ocmponents, including all the scrus. No, we’re not going to count them! Just consider what you would like to find if you’re the next borrower, do your best, and send any pieces you find later on to us – no penalty, no shame, no worries!

Places to get cardboard:


Keep in mind that you may need to break them down for transport at the store and transport them in a pickup or van, depending on size.

Wholesale clubs like BJ’s in Rotterdam:

Furniture and appliance stores; any store that gets lots of stock: copy shops, grocery stores.

Not Free:

It’s also possible to order corrugated cardboard sheets from box manufacturers. Office Depot sells different sizes and they might ship to the store for pickup, so you can save on shipping costs:

Boxforless, a manufacturer, could be contacted to see if they have any stained, damaged, or warped pieces they would discount or donate. And you could also purchase flat pieces from them:

Questions? Contact Sue Rokos at or 355-2010 ext. 226

To Reserve: Send an email to Please tell us the date of the program at which you want to use it. You may want to first check our calendar to see when it’s already reserved. Equipment Calendar

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