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2024MinutesMeeting Schedule – Nov 16, 2023 – Nov 21, 2024
July 18, 2024Zoom Link
Agenda, P&L May 2024, P&L June 2024, May/June Treasurer’s Reports, Budget Worksheet July Amendments, JA Budget Amendments July 2024, Director’s Report, MVLS Director Update June 2024, Programming Assistance Provided by MVLS
May 16, 2024MinutesAgenda, P&L March 2024, P&L April 2024, March/April Treasurer’s Reports, Director’s Report, Symposium NYCON Report & Action Plan, BoardStrong Effective Meetings, JA Draft Minutes May 2024, JA Security Policy Addendum & Description, JA User Account & Networking Policies, MVLS-SALS Security Policy v1.1 – Proposed
March 21, 2024MinutesAgenda, March 2024 Public Services Update, Director’s Report, January/February Financials, P&L January 2024, P&L February 2024, January/February Treasurer’s Reports, Gloversville Public Library Plan of Service, MVLS State Annual Report 2024
January 18, 2024MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, November Financials, December Financials, MVLS Bylaws Amendment Draft, Central Library Plan, NYLA 2024 Budget Priorities
November 16, 2023MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, September Financials, October Financials, Budget Proposal 2024, Central Library Aid Proposed Budget 2024, Library Collections Policies 2023 Amendments, JA Project Report 11/2023, MVLS Bylaws 2024 Draft
October 4, 2023Annual Meeting MinutesAnnual Meeting Report
September 21. 2023MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, July Financials, August Financials, Investment Policy, Investment Guidelines, 2023 Proposed Budget Amendments, Multi-Year Financial Forecast 2023, JA 2024 Proposed Budget
July 20, 2023MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, May Financials, June Financials, JA Budget Amendments July 2023
May 18, 2023MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report March/April, March Financials, April Financials, JA User Account Policy, MVLS Cyber Coverage Proposal, MVLS/GLE ILL Agreement
March 16, 2023MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, January Financials, February Financials, State Annual Report 2022
January 19, 2023 Executive Committee MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, November Financials
December Financials, Bylaws Amendments,
Governance Policies Update 2023, MVLS Committee
Charges Amended,
Public Services Consultant Job Description
November 17, 2022 MinutesAgenda, Summer Reading Infographic, 2023 Budget Proposal, Director’s Report, September Financials,
October Financials, Personnel Manual Changes 2023,
JA Budget Amendments, MVLS Bylaws 2022 Draft
October 27, 2022Annual Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2022MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, July Financials, August Financials, Budget Amendments September 2022, JA 2023 Draft Budget
July 21, 2022MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, June Financials, ARPA Marketing CDLC
June 16, 2022MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, April Financials, May Financials,
Open Meetings Law Resolution
April 21, 2022MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, March Financials, 2021 State Annual Report
March 17, 2022MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, January Financials, February Financials
January 20, 2022MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, November Financials, December Financials, JA Budget Amendments, MVLS Strategy Proposal
November 18, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, October Financials, Budget 2022 Proposal, Technology & Growth Specialist
October 21, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, September Financials, 2020 MVLS Draft FS, 2020 JA Draft FS, 2020 Form 990 Draft, 2022 Draft JA Budget, Central Library Plan, Draft Plan of Service
September 16, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, July Financials, August Financials, Multi-Year Financial Forecast, Technology and Growth Consultant Job Description, Proposed Bylaws Amendments, September 2021 Trustee Term Resolution, 2021 Budget Amendments, HERO Act Policy, Draft 2022 Free Direct Access Plan
July 15, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, June Financials, MVLS Bylaws Potential 2021 Revisions, NYLA Policy Initiatives July 1
June 17, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, April Financials, May Financials, 2021 Mini Grant Recipients and Projects
May 19, 2021Annual Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, March Financials, MVLS State Report 2020
March 18, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, January 2021 Financials, February 2021 Financials, JAC Library Agreement
January 21, 2021MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, November 2020 Financials, December 2020 Financials, CBA 2021, CLDA 2021, Treasurer Job Description
November 19, 2020MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, October 2020 Financials, 2020 Budget Amendments, 2021 Proposed Budget, Personnel Manual Draft Update, Administrative Associate Draft Description
October 15, 2020MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, September 2020 Financials
September 17, 2020MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, August 2020 Financials, 2021 JA Draft Budget, 2019 Form 990 Draft, 2019 MVLS FS Draft, 2019 JA FS Draft
August 20, 2020 (Virtual Meeting)MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, June 2020 Financials, July 2020 Financials, Personnel Manual Draft Update 2020, Youth and Outreach Services Consultant Position
June 18, 2020 (Virtual Meeting)MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, April 2020 Financials, May 2020 Financials, MVLS Building Plan June 2020 Draft
May 27, 2020 (Virtual Meeting)Minutes
April 16, 2020 (Virtual Meeting)MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, March 2020 Financials
March 19, 2020 (Canceled)Agenda, Director’s Report, January 2020 Financials, February 2020 Financials
January 16, 2020MinutesAgenda, Director’s Report, November 2019 Financials, December 2019 Financials, Public Engagement and Education Consultant Description